Adult logging in the Loghin system


     The Loghin system is divided into four distinct categories of users: Adolescents, Adults, Business. Institutions.

     The "Adults" category refers to those users over the age of 18. "Teenagers" profiles automatically become "Adults" profiles when they reach the age of 18.
The Aulti profile has in its composition a support profile also called “tutor” profile chosen by the user or assigned by the system. The adult can become a guardian for a teenager or for creating profiles for children aged between zero and 13 years.

     The tutor profile is used by the adolescent as a guarantee for certain activities that he wants to undertake in Loghin and for which the supervision of an adult is necessary. At the age of 13, the young person who has a profile created by his guardian automatically becomes the rightful owner of his own profile.

     Each Loghin ID (root profile) can manage a series of its own profiles (main and / or secondary) and for which it has the possibility to create several nicknames.

     User-created profiles can be public or private.

     In order to create groups in Loghin, the system offers the possibility of activating profiles for people other than the user's identity, also called profiles for "third parties" (third parties). These profiles are used to activate (passive) accounts of people outside the Loghin system (alive or deceased). "Third party" profiles are mainly used to create genealogical trees within the Loghin system.

     At the same time, terzino profiles are activated for people who do not want to be part of the system (they have declared themselves loghout) but have been or are part of (real) groups of pupils or students or groups without various official or leisure structures.

     Adults can create Business or Institutions profiles.

     Thus, the persons (Adults) who hold management positions or responsibilities within a company (its administrators) automatically become the reference profile in Loghin for the respective activity. In the same way, professionals can open their professional profiles in Loghin.

     Each person has the possibility to be active in addition to their personal profile and professional profiles, for various activities or hobbies.

     Each profile created within Loghin gives the possibility to activate groups within the chosen profile and to benefit from the advantages they confer within the Loghin system.








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