Registration of “Institutions” profiles in Loghin,


     The registration of these profiles can be done by anyone who wants to introduce an institution or organization in Loghin. Upon registration, it is specified who is the administrator of the profile in Loghin and who are the real administrators of the registered institution or organization.

     Activating the profile of "Institutions" within Loghin offers the right to the person who created it to benefit from the Loghin Finance system in terms of groups and profit accumulation within it. Thus, a “Third Party” person can activate the profile of an institution or organization and remains its manager until a representative of the institution or organization claims the rights over the respective activity. The third party may not enter information on the institution or organization and may communicate on its behalf only on the basis of a power of attorney received by Loghin through the certified mail of the subject in the category "institutions / organizations". The third party will have through a group created for this purpose the right to benefit from the part of finance related to these types of groups with or without the approval (validation) from the user of "institutions" or his representatives.

     As a third party holder on the group, the third person will have to pay the contribution provided for this type of activity in favor of the user "institution / organization", without which the benefits on this title are not activated by Loghin.

     There is a possibility for the Loghin system to automatically activate the “institution” profiles based on lists, information or catalogs, in this way the system being the first beneficiary as a “third party” user of the “institution / organization” group benefits. For this purpose Loghin creates lists (groups) of customers or suppliers classified based on certain categories.

     Activating the profile and claiming the right over the “Institutions / Organizations” profile.

     It is done by a legal representative (proven) who must send to the activation service of the profiles "institutions / organizations" an e-mail (from a certified mail address of the respective company or activity). The legal representative may empower a third party to deal with the image part of the "institution / organization" in the Loghin system and recognize its right to benefit from the advantages of the Loghin Finance system.

     Within the “institutions / organizations” system, they can enter information about their activities in the Loghin database, create their own presentation pages, introduce products and services and activate the Loghin Finance system.

     The institution / organization can create groups of clients and suppliers that benefit from the Loghin Finance system as well as from the messaging and newsletter system. At the same time, they can introduce in order to promote its services in the Loghin e-commerce system and can set the characteristics and type of sale (where applicable) as well as the distribution of commercial margins applied to the services sold through Loghin.





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