Loghin Audit.


      - the system provides an "Audit" area for the activities and users that are part of the Loghin System
    - the "Audit" area certifies certain activities or services performed by Loghin or its suppliers for various actions undertaken by other "departments" in the service of users (personal or professional sites, certifications, identity or services offered by them).
      - the "Audit" area works closely with the "Intelligence" party in order to control, inform and promote actions in favor of Loghin members and users.

    - deals with the analysis and introduction in the system of the information regarding the index part and their evaluation based on certain Loghin criteria.
     - the information and data are subsequently entered in the other parts of the system according to the requirements of each one.
     - the Audit system classifies the information and analyzes it from various perspectives.
     - the audit operates both in the Loghin part and in the Loghout part of the system.
     - analyzes both applications and contents and gives corrective solutions or antidotes in case of errors.
    - the data and information entered in the Audit remain in the databases of the site in order to preserve them and to have a timely analysis of products, services or people.
     - Loghin users can check and consult on any article which were the methods used to determine the published Audit results.
     - there are specific rules for activating and completing the site of the company, institution, product or person whose user you want to activate.
     - the activations of the Audit system imply costs that are established depending on the complexity of the site of the information and connections that must be made.
     - it is possible to establish costs for activating the Audit system also in case the company does not own a site (or the standard Loghin presentation is desired).
     - in the case of the Audit site, an area regarding the projects or 3D models will be arranged, as well as the structures correlated with them, making an evaluation of them.
     - for different products the site will take into account all the interventions of repairs, modifications and adaptations, restructurings carried out in time, exchange of parts (original) and other activities correlated with the time of use and presence in the Audit.
     - these modalities allow the realization of interventions based on real projects as well as conservation actions and certification where necessary (regardless of whether it is a product, building, etc.). 

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