Applications in Loghin



     Loghin uses a system of contacts and messaging based on the best known interpersonal communication applications; Mail, Chat, Messenger and Newsletter.

Loghin Mail

     The e-mail with the e-mail address "" (or other national extensions) is used within the Loghin system to differentiate Loghin certified users from other general e-mail addresses (such as g-mail, yahoo etc).

     By using the Loghin mail system, the user agrees not to send or use the Loghin e-mail for spam or illegal activities.

     In order to have a Loghin e-mail address, the person must become a Medium, Advanced or Premium user.

     The minimum age for granting a Loghin e-mail address is 13 years, with the exception of the rules imposed by each country.

     In order to be able to give access to the social network for teenagers, Loghin authorizes the creation of an e-mail address (of the teenager) by a tutor who supervises the teenager's access to the Loghin system. The tutor must be at least 18 years old and part of the group structure of the adolescent. Also as a guardian (parents or relatives of the 1st degree), the authorized person can create the profiles of minors between zero and the minimum age accepted by the country of origin.

     Upon reaching the minimum age, the adolescent takes full control over his own profile, the adult being withdrawn the rights of access and operation within the profile.


     Loghin Chat


     Chat is a form of written communication present in the Loghin system at a number of sites and applications as well as implemented within partner sites.

     Chat access is limited to the type of user and compliance with access credentials. The conditions of use and operation in the Loghin chat are identical to those indicated in the use of the e-mail application.

     Except for the countries on the special list, the minimum age for access to the chat service is 13 years.

     There is a filter that limits the access of adults to chats of minors or teenagers. This filter saves conversations from chats of minors and teenagers with tutor chat. The disclosure of the content to the tutor is made only in case of necessity, force majeure or legal request, this to protect the privacy of the minor user.


     Loghin Messenger

     Messenger is a form of communication and contact in which a group of people can have an audio-video discussion. Messenger Loghinse presents in the form of an application that can be downloaded from the Loghin system for free. Messenger activation can be done only on the basis of access credentials to the Loghin system (the person must be previously registered in Loghin).

     The messaging system is correlated with the site that manages the user's funds and that sends information notices regarding the situation of its funds.

     Through the messaging system, users can make group decisions regarding various actions and their validation.






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