Finances in Loghin




     Loghin develops a financing system based on the contribution of users within the groups created by them and on the redistribution of commercial margins (applied in e-commerce sites, or B2B business sites) within groups.

     The groups created by users in Loghin have in their composition "funds" in which the commercial margins are stored. These funds are activated automatically by the system when a user creates a group of people. Depending on the type of group created, the funds corresponding to it will be activated.

     Accessing the "funds" from a user is based on his position in the Loghin VS Loghout system within the group (the user cannot access the funds of another user who put him in Loghout).

     The application allows the management and approval of users whenever a change occurs in the case of the group both at the level of members and at the level of accumulated funds.

     Some funds allow a user to access the entire amount available in the group fund, others are limited to certain amounts well determined by the algorithms used by Loghin. All amounts accessed by users must be refunded on certain terms to allow other users to benefit from these benefits. Loghin covers the funds of each group even before they are covered by the acquisitions made by the group members.

     The funds of the groups are presented in detail within the register site at


     All persons who are registered in Loghin and are part of a group are beneficiaries of the funds regardless of whether they are minor adults, companies or institutions. For the deceased persons but present in a group of beneficiaries, they are assigned according to the genealogical tree to their descendants, who must be active Loghin members.

     Passive type loghin members can benefit from the fund formed by the whole group structure of active members in Loghin (excluding the passive members' funds).








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