E-commerce application



     The Loghin e-commerce application known in the system as is intended for all types of Loghin users, individuals, companies, institutions and organizations.

     Access to and use of services, software and products is subject to the terms and conditions contained in each site. may change the terms and conditions of the e-commerce site at any time as needed and the contractual relationships taken with exhibitors. By continuing to use the Services or the Sites, you agree that you will be subject to Morified Terms and Conditions without any prior notice or consent from you.

     You may be required to enter into separate agreements either online or offline with Loghin or its affiliates for any service or function within the Services. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between the Terms and the Additional Agreement, the Additional Agreement will take precedence over the Terms only in connection with that Service.

     The e-commerce service offers the right to publish free offers with images and information for up to 5 products or services. Publication of commercial offers - allows each member to publish in e-commerce sites offers for the purchase of goods and services from other users, members of the sites.

     The benefits, functions and features made available to a member may vary by country and region. Loghin does not offer any guarantee or statement to ensure a certain feature or function in various places as a geographical position.

     The availability of features and transactional functions on the sites may be subject to verification by Loghin and / or independent third parties approved by, the identity of the Member and / or the current account indicated. Loghin and / or independent third parties (approved by may at any time require the Member to provide satisfactory proof of his identity or of his bank account.

     Through the e-commerce site provides a web platform for the exchange of information and the conclusion of commercial transactions of products and services online between buyer and supplier. does not control and is not responsible for the quality, safety and legality of the products and services offered for sale. Users have at their disposal the Audit system in order to express their opinions regarding the presence in Loghins or Loghout of a product or service.

     Members agree to provide all information and materials requested by Loghin regarding transactions made through the Loghin e-commerce platform.

     For more information, interested persons or companies are invited to visit the conditions of use of the e-commerce platform at

     The entire database of products and services sold through the e-commerce platform are organized based on Ateco codes, ISTAT codes and Commodity Codes present in the structure site











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