Job offers in the Loghin system



     The Loghin system provides users with a platform in which those who offer and those who are looking for a job or a job can meet and treat the conditions.

     The Jobs platform is especially dedicated to people working in the field of human resources in order to apply for various jobs available on the market but also to companies and professionals who want to have a useful staff search tool.

     To extract data and information from the Loghin database, the Jobs platform is correlated with the site www.register.loghin.

     The Jobs site is correlated with the structures site where all the activities based on the Ateco code are introduced. All applications submitted by customers (employers) contain data and information on the branch in which the company operates according to Ateco codes. This helps both human resources and candidates for a better interpretation and search of the data entered in the job site.

     Regarding the data entry by the candidates, they also have at their disposal the site of structures in which they can decide based on the ISTAT codes to which categories of professions they can apply or those for which they are suitable.

     Candidates have at their disposal on the register site the form for entering the information related to the professional activity (C.V.). It can also be imported and published on the Jobs website.

     Based on the volume of data that a prisoner or institution wants to transit through the Loghin system (Jobs' set), several adhesion packages to the system are offered. The basic package does not provide costs for either employers or candidates. Within the Premium package, employers and employees can have additional applications in exchange for a monthly or annual subscription.






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