Loghin Media



     Loghin provides users with a series of applications for publishing and archiving in its own database of documents, files, images and videos. Their viewing is done on the sites dedicated to each type of document.


     Loghin Documents


     It is a site where text and image documents are uploaded and presented.

     The site offers a series of information on the ownership and characteristics of the files viewed as well as the possibility of opening a negotiation on the use of copyright outside the Loghin system.

     Loghin offers users the opportunity to vote in order to enter text or images in Loghin or Loghout.

     For any additional information you are invited to contact the conditions on the site


     Loghin Video


     Loghin Video is a platform for uploading and online presentation of various video files (even live) of Loghin members.

     To access the video platform, the credentials from the site are required.

     The user can decide from the beginning the positioning of the file in the Loghin or Loghout category depending on its specificity. Placing the video within the Loghout platform automatically opens a ticket for the analysis of the video and the salt characteristics to become a possible denunciation to the competent authorities.

     Videos uploaded to the Loghin video system are subject to evaluation by Loghin users and may in some cases be moved from the category to which they were subscribed to another category or even to Loghout.

     When exceeding a certain number of views, the video will be selected to receive advertising within it, the user being the one who decides (with the adverting service) which is the best form of advertising that fits the category of users watching it.

     The last advertisement is not paid directly to the person who posted the video, but is distributed within the structures / funds chosen by him.

In case of controversy, they are resolved through the Loghin system by sending an email to






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