Loghin System,


     The Loghin system is used by a wide range of users, individuals, companies, institutions and professionals. Loghin System is represented by an advanced and innovative search engine unique in its kind and compared to all other search engines on the web.


     The search engine allows individuals, companies, professionals or institutions to conduct their own audit within the Loghin system and to propose these results for evaluation within Loghin VS Loghout.


     Following the Audit activities, the data and information are entered in an Index system (where they are indexed and placed in the Loghin or Loghout system).


     The Loghin system provides (centrally) a series of useful applications for information management, business and various services. It has the Audit area of ​​individuals, groups, companies, professionals of institutions, products and services. This is done by accessing the Audit area of ​​the System window within the site www.loghin.com. By accessing the system layouts the user can access various areas of the system and complete the data independently in preconfigured and easy to intuit areas. At the same time, the system allows the accumulation of data published by other users and their management as Loghin or Loghout information.


     Users of the audit system are companies, professionals and institutions. The audit can be done both for people and for activities, products or services.


     The IT Audit Applications include those intended for the IT areas of the system, managing accounts, solutions, formats, documents and structures.


     The Commercial Audit part manages the funds, loans, scholarship, shop and payments in Loghin.


     For the Communications area, the Loghin system provides Chat, Mail, Forum, Messenger and Newsletter applications.


     The Media audit area includes the Showcase, Photo, Video and "News Sources" publishing applications.


     The Audit System also registers and controls the activities carried out within the "Funds". The Funds include the Structures, Personal, Common, Company Funds, Social Funds and System Funds.


     The Structural Funds, in this category are the genealogical, Instructional, Professional, Business, Art-Culture, Sports and Hobby funds.


     Personal Funds are divided into Study, Professional, Investment, Insurance, Emergency, Art-Culture, Sports and Hobby funds.


     Mutual Funds are managed in four main groups, Genealogy, Professional, Business and Group.


     The funds of the companies are formed from funds inherent to the good functioning of the companies. These funds are related to the activities of Personal Training, Internal Structures Funds (gram bodies), Group, Accumulation, Development, Lending, and Insurance.


     The social funds are funds intended for the social assistance of Loghin users and include Assistance, Emergency, Volunteering and Diaspora.


     System Funds. Loghin allocates part of its profits to the development and maintenance of the system. Loghin's funds are Accumulation, Development, Lending and Social.


     Finance in Loghin (see Finance)


     Transactions of Loghin (see Transactions)








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