Audit/Black list

     According to Wikipedia The blacklist is a register that contains a list of subjects, entities, or persons made for political, security, or who are denied a particular service, right, or privilege.


     Generally, a black list is created to classify people, services or products that do not comply with the user's degree of expectation or with the rules in force.


     The Loghin system uses a series of lists with the classification of people, services and products introduced in Loghin based on which the Audit system (characteristic evaluation) defines the position and the level of Loghin / Loghout positioning. In order to classify a person, service or product, the Loghin Audit system uses criteria used by institutions, associations and organizations that deal with the pursuit of the degree of quality that is provided to the final consumer.


     In addition to the criteria used globally in identifying and classifying the topics mentioned above, Loghin gives its users the opportunity to express themselves in relation to the quality of services or products they benefit from or are promoted within the Loghin system or outside it.


     Thus Loghin users become quality level controllers and can independently and anonymously express their agreeableness to the person the product or service under test.


     Blacklist of people:


     Within the Loghin system there is the possibility of creating lists regarding various projects or initiatives undertaken by the members of the system. Within these initiatives, some people may not want to join the initiative, classifying them as disinterested or opposed to the initiated project. Through the "black list" function, the user can enter these people in a list that allows him to avoid other relationships or communications with the person who is not interested in his project or initiative. The entry in a blacklist does not implicitly mean the introduction of the person in the Loghout but a measure to avoid future contacts based on the respective subject.

     The person who is not interested in a certain project published in Loghin can express his disagreement by introducing the initiative on the blacklist (thereby expressing the desire not to be disturbed for this purpose).

     Blacklist of products or services:


     The purchase of products or services is automatically subject to analysis by the end user and implicitly of the decision to evaluate them by promoting in Loghin, blacklisting or request to enter in Loghout of that product or service. By blacklisting the product or service, it is also signaled to the other members of the groups to which the user belongs as a "purchase advice" with a negative vote (under a star).

     The Loghin system provides an area dedicated to alerts where image or video comments can be entered on the contested product or service. The entry of data and information in this area is under the direct responsibility of the user, Loghin system providing only the "information tool".


     Blacklist and Loghout system.


     The notifications received in Loghin for a product or service are classified under the product code or professional activities and registered in the Loghout database as a possible crime (to be evaluated by the Loghin Audit service).






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