Loghin Audit.


      - the system provides an "Audit" area for the activities and users that are part of the Loghin System
   - the "Audit" area certifies certain activities or services performed by Loghin or its suppliers for various actions undertaken by other "departments" in the service of users (personal or professional sites, certifications, identity or services offered by them).
     - the "Audit" area works closely with the "Intelligence" party in order to control, inform and promote actions in favor of Loghin members and users.

     - deals with the analysis and introduction in the system of the information regarding the index part and their evaluation based on certain Loghin criteria.
     - the information and data are subsequently entered in the other parts of the system according to the requirements of each one.
     - the Audit system classifies the information and analyzes it from various perspectives.
     - the audit operates both in the Loghin part and in the Loghout part of the system.
     - analyzes both applications and contents and gives corrective solutions or antidotes in case of errors.
    - the data and information entered in the Audit remain in the databases of the site in order to preserve them and to have a timely analysis of products, services or people.
     - Loghin users can check and consult on any article which were the methods used to determine the published Audit results.
     - there are specific rules for activating and completing the site of the company, institution, product or person whose user you want to activate.
     - the activations of the Audit system imply costs that are established depending on the complexity of the site of the information and connections that must be made.
   - it is possible to establish costs for activating the Audit system also in case the company does not own a site (or the standard Loghin presentation is desired).
    - in the case of the Audit site, an area regarding the projects or 3D models will be arranged, as well as the structures correlated with them, making an evaluation of them.
     - for different products the site will take into account all the interventions of repairs, modifications and adaptations, restructurings carried out in time, exchange of parts (original) and other activities correlated with the time of use and presence in the Audit.
     - these modalities allow the realization of interventions based on real projects as well as conservation actions and certification where necessary (regardless of whether it is a product, building, etc.). 


     Notices of technical defects.


    - the Audit site signals and launches notices of technical defects and problems related to the products purchased or in the possession of the persons.
     - Loghin receives the signal from the users or companies and controls (with the manufacturer) the problems appeared even individually.
     - the products included in this approval system are both industrial and artisanal.
   - notices can also be sent as a warning regarding the occurrence of various problems in people, animals, plants, etc. or in the planning or execution of various activities.
     - within the Audit, the activities of revision, assistance, etc. can be planned and controlled. for products and services.


     Audit of structures, companies and producers


    - provides for activities of search, analysis and signaling of the different economic or productive realities and of the study regarding the efficiency and safety of the products and / or services.
     - the Audit service creates a classification of the companies and the goods or services produced, giving a qualitative certification of the costs based on the Loghin norms regarding the ratio between the production costs and the amounts charged for the respective product or service.
      - the Audit service certifies the value of the "management" of the company or the service provided by a professional and determines its net gain in relation to the service offered or distributed on the product.


     Audit correlation with other sites in the system.


      - the Audit system is used in order to record and control the elements that are part of the "Global and Centralized" system of observation and management of information.
      - all data relating to the persons related to the Audit site are entered in the system and viewed in
     - the Audit system contains areas for publishing information on controlled elements or entities, in which authorized persons can publish data and information in their own area. This data and information can be retrieved and published on inactive sites by active Loghin users. "Inactive" sites are sites that owners have not yet claimed.
      - the Loghin system generates within the active / passive site areas destined for Loghin / Loghout currencies and areas of Loghin interest.
      - the audit is correlated with the Financing and Credit system, with the Shop system and


     Loghin-Loghout classification algorithm.


     - Loghin uses an algorithm depending on the user and his characteristics as well as the settings he makes as profile, affiliation, religion, age, sex, training, etc. to 
determine the position of searches performed on the site in two distinct areas, Loghin and Loghout.
     - the algorithm is influenced by the settings made by users in the economic and interest branches, by the job and the position held as well as by the family composition, of the groups of friends and of its genealogical structures.
     - the presence of inappropriate or offensive results can be diminished by providing the most pertinent information.

Analysis of information during the Audit

     - the Audit system manages analysis and presentation forms in an identical way and based on well-defined criteria (check-list) of products, people, businesses or institutions.

      - the system deals with the management of passive profiles and interior parts correlated with Loghin or Loghout activities and services.
    - the particularity of using "interior parts" from the published sites or profiles consists in the possibility of using the internal functions and applications as a source of gain, financing or recovery of some funds derived from the sale or use of this area.



     My Audit People Site.


   - within one's own site the person enters information regarding their own capabilities and information or services regarding other parts of the system.
     - can activate product sales services, promotion or support of projects (approved and controlled by loghin) as well as communication of results following campaigns organized in order to audit various products or services tested by the Loghin system.
     - information regarding the activities of Business, Institutions or Products are taken over (or are introduced and managed as a "passive administrator") in your own site. These can be published on My Audit or hidden outfits.


 The advantages of using My Audit as a product sales system:


   - if the product is bought by the resident user in the production area, this implies an immediate invoicing and recovery of the VAT paid.
     - if the product is purchased by a person from abroad (or made a gift abroad), you can choose between a VAT invoice that remains in its actual invoicing area or one with VAT in the consumption area.
     - the product guarantee is correlated with the sales invoice or with the Loghin System (unique guarantee also at the nearest dealer or service), this can be used even if the person is abroad and wants to repair or replace the product.


 My Audit Profiles.


     - the system provides for the creation or import of profiles and the processing or publication of data and information.
     - this information is used to complete and manage the profiles for various activities that the user proposes in his shop windows or the services he offers to the members of the system.
     - the user also uses this area to activate Loghin social assistance services, through which the system manages the resources derived from the sale of products and / or services and redistributes% obtained from these activities to persons who have performed undeclared work to a person or company like them. in order to be able to make a payment according to the law and Loghin regulations.
     - in order to benefit from these contractual rights, the requests are made inside the system, and the products and goods are purchased in the system.
     - the purchase or sale of products and their delivery can be done anonymously.
     - the payment of the services present in the showcases of certain profiles can be made anonymously or with invoicing of the service that Loghin offers to the service provider in the realization and operation of the showcase within the system.


About Me.


     -the audit contains the pages of various personal profiles that can be strictly separated and managed independently and without connections between the private profile and the showcases dedicated to the various types of profiles.

The differentiation of the profiles is done within the site.

     - profiles used by the private area are protected by Loghin conventions related to the "Privacy and Immunity" side.
     - the intelligence and system assistance service allocates a special space destined to the observance of the private areas and activities.
     - the visualization of the information are correlated with the settings that the user makes for the various types of profiles that can have access to his pages.
     - the user can request the perfect anonymity or "persona non grata" functions that limit the access of the users who have connections with him to the profiles he signals. Thus a user who is part of a common group with a person declared "persona non grata" will block the information per acre does not want to get to know p.n.g. and those who have common links between them and who could provide or bring this information to the attention of the p.n.g.


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