The Audit Loghout system


     The Loghin system has an area for managing information and negative reports from its users regarding people, companies, institutions, professionals, products and services that are not in line with what is specified in the Audit Loghin regulations.

     To avoid problems of a judicial nature and complaints by the directly concerned for statements that concern them that cannot be publicly disclosed, the Audit Loghout system limits itself to making only an entry in the Loghout lists relating to the type of violation that the user has infringed without insist on disclosing any details or data relating to such breach.


     The Loghout function is also activated in the form of denial of a quality qualification that the user does not possess or for which he is not suitable.

     As regards companies and professional activities, the Loghout Audit reports the lack of the requirements of a specific request made to the Loghin system. Also for these subjects, Loghin puts into operation a system for collecting complaints (Loghout) capable of inserting any violations of the law or of its own regulations in the right forms.

     Loghin and Loghout Audit System checks and verifies the declarations on the products and services which its users use or adhere to by requesting information or reporting as not suitable for the rules and / or regulations.


     Loghin system also provides for the existence and use of a tariff for services and services or products that are treated in Loghin.


     Users can report and / or propose the inclusion of people, activities, products or services in Loghin and Loghout.
     The Loghout audit can be considered a system that does not recommend, but leaves the final decision to the user for his actions.

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