Product Audit.


     -the Product Audit system is used in order to supply through personal profiles (individuals) the products that a person decides to introduce in his own profile in order to sell them as a "distributor agent".
     -these products can also be sold on the sites intended for various companies or institutions with the possibility to choose the supplier or the way of delivering the products.
     - the delivery solutions are presented according to the options chosen by the Loghin user (agent, courier, payment point with pick-up, mail, etc.).
     Depending on the chosen solutions, the credits / costs are distributed for those directly interested.
     -the "Product Audit" system is based on the presentation and classification of different products based on metrological, normative or standard criteria and classifications.
     -the products will be presented in the business sites on the information and sale side.
     -so the system will signal the identical products as norms or standards and will differentiate the originals from fakes.
     -each product will have its own classification in Loghin and can be recognized by a series of logos or codes. (QR, barcode, numeric code, etc.).


     Product Introduction and Registration in Loghin.


     -products can be introduced and registered in the Loghin system in passive or active form.

     Passive form of product introduction and registration.

     -is used for products that are no longer in manufacture and / or for which the manufacturer no longer exists or does not agree that its own product be activated in Loghin.
     -passive activation gives the person the opportunity to use part of the additions made for sale within the Loghin system for access to funds or requesting an immediate gain.
     -represents part or sub-site for the sites of manufacturer, trader or individual who promotes the product and deals with it in a group or a form of organization outside the Loghin system.

     Active form of product introduction and registration.

     - the classification of the products and their presentation within the Loghin system is done through the Format, Solutions or Audit functions and is operated on various layouts.
     -The Audit system uses an identical layout as a "presentation mode" but adapted to the needs of the product.
     - the products introduced in Loghin have different values ​​of "commercial addition" accepted by the system (addition / community contribution) and "recognized value" based on the contribution of each to the system. Thus, quotas are established to evaluate the contribution of each product to the Loghin system.


     Products & People.



     - within the personal site, active users can publish the data related to the product in which they actively participate.
     -publishing can be done both on the personal site and on the company's website.
     -the system thus takes into account the gains that a company grants to active (or passive) users as well as the commercial activity carried out by the company and users within the Loghin system.
     -on the other hand (with the consent of those interested) the system can provide direct financing to companies whose users have a greater contribution in activities within the system and whose personal funds cover the needs or requests of the company.
     - the persons involved in the productive processes are also the first to supervise or request interventions of various types both regarding the product and the society of which they are part. The various reports on activities can be made both to the Loghin system and to Loghout.

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