Databases in Loghin


     Loghin System is a union of databases of People, Companies, Professionals, Institutions and Organizations, Products and Services made available to users registered in the system.

     The database information is divided and intended for four major categories: Adolescents, Adults, Business and Institutions. All data entry and viewing criteria respect this classification. 


     Adolescents database


      Allows separate management of information on adolescents and / or intended for them. An important part of the adolescent database is represented by group structures (student classes, sports teams, etc.). Loghin manages a database exclusively for groups of teenagers looking for products, services and livestyle activities.


     Adult databases


      Stores all information intended for an Adult audience. Part of the database is the database for minor users, people from zero to 13 years for whom Adults have access as Tutors.


     The Adults category also includes databases on ISTAT professional categories. Thus, by accessing and completing the data in this sector, Adults automatically have access to the Jobs side as well.


     The Loghin database takes into account users' preferences and monitors their final decisions.

     Adults can express themselves about the data and information contained in the Loghin Databases through the Loghin VS Loghout option. Thus any user can decide to put in Loghouto information so that it does not appear in his searches. At the same time, the report is sent to the Audit service so that the real situation of the information can be decided in the Loghin VS Loghout report.

     The user has at his disposal the Loghout database in which he can consult and revoke previous decisions. The Loghout database is also created to respect the right to Oblio, which is a separate section of it.


     Business databases

     Records and provides information on commercial, productive activities and their products and services.

     The databases provide the Structures service with information for creating customer / supplier lists.

     They are organized on the basis of Ateco structures, ISTAT professional classifications and product classifications of products and services.

     The databases provide information to the e-commerce portal and keep a detailed account of sales or transactions.


     The databases are correlated with the funds of the Loghin structures and operate at the registration and keeping of the accounts relative to this type of service.

     These make the operations of distribution of commercial margins in the funds of the structures chosen by the user or determined by the Loghin system based on criteria established between the parties.

     Users can extract or modify the information present in their own database.


     Institutions databases

     They are used to inform people with data and information inherent to socio-professional activities. Helps in making decisions regarding the organization of school and professional activities and making decisions regarding career opportunities.

     The institutional database also stores information regarding the structure and composition of the classes of pupils and students as well as the organizational charts and the composition of various institutions, organizations and associations. Helps to create structures and / or groups of school, professional or other types.

     Stores and provides information on diplomas, attestations and certificates issued by educational institutions, organizations or associations that offer professional training courses.

     Update the C.V. personal and certifies the information present in it.

     Makes the evaluation between the school instruction proposal and the effective accomplishment of the professional path of the Loghin members.






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