Financing, invoicing and distribution of profits.


    The source of the benefits of the way of social organization in Loghin is represented by the "human person".
     The launch of projects of common interest will eliminate the resources for the payment of taxes and duties used inefficiently and for projects for which the debtor has no interest or free access.
     Through payments made to direct Loghin projects, the person (User Login) will actively participate in their financing and development, in the control of the amounts to be allocated and in the decision on the destination of these funds as well as in the supervision of their use.
     Loghin's projects will cover different areas and fields of activity to offer the opportunity to find a solution that is perfectly compatible with the participation desires of active users.
     The funds will be collected directly (to the extent of the amounts allowed for the total deduction from the amount intended for taxes and duties) and will be considered amounts paid into the "Loghin Funds".
     The most important part of the financing is the acquisition in Loghin of various products and services for which the full amount equivalent to the profile will be paid into the "Loghin Funds". Participating companies or individuals will be assisted in order to obtain profit and total coverage of working hours or production capacity.
     The invoicing of Loghin services to the company is carried out with the specification of the net profit realized by Loghin for each work. The profit is invested in the projects of Loghin or his collaborators and is totally guaranteed by it.
This profit will be distributed after a certain period of time (in which it was used by Loghin and its facilities) being returned in full and without interest, to employees of the company that commissioned the work or services in the form of social pensions Loghin.
Only employees who at the time of the works contract are active employees within the company (in positions and positions directly affected by the work performed) and are compulsorily present in the Loghin accounting system are entitled to such reimbursements.


     Structural funds.


     - Represents the total amounts deposited (by all active members) for the activation of account-ids within the Loghin system.
     - The fund of structures includes all the structures created by the different profiles and is defined (simplified) as the sum of the deposits that a user makes for the natural or legal persons that he confirms within the fund.


     Division of the fund of structures into categories.


     - each account-id pays a single contribution for another account-id regardless of the number of structures to which (both) are part (simultaneously).
     - the greater the number of structures, the greater the change in the guarantee of the fund and the fractional division of credit.
     - structural funds are divided according to the type of structures to which the account-ids belong, in order to establish the limits of the credit granting coefficient deriving from these structures.
     - Each structure fund will be funded by the funds of which it is part, the members that make it up in order to respect the right of each member of the structure to identical treatment in order to obtain an interest-free loan. The interest-free loan is granted by the "Structural Funds", which have a participation in the other system funds with a single loan clause with "0%" interest.


     Genealogical funds.


     - represents the value that a certain genealogical structure accumulates from the direct contribution among its members.
     - the fund of genealogical structures has as accrediting resource all the structures of which its members are part.
    - the resources are displayed for each user in part in order to determine the "reverse deposit", or "reverse beneficiary" and implicitly the financing of their facilities.
    - for each user the system will determine the display of the data regarding the Maximum Structures Fund (with the presentation and certification of all component users) as well as the Deposited Fund and the Available Fund. If the Available Fund is null or insufficient for a user's needs, other financing solutions will be offered within the system.
    - The genealogical fund will also establish the "prize" for "Sole Member of the Patriarchal Structure and Sole Member of the Matriarchal Structure" which represents the paternal or maternal transfer of the name and descendants of a family.


     School structures background.

     - represents the value that a certain school structure accumulates through the direct contribution between its members.
     - the fund of school structures has as accrediting resource all the structures of which its members were part.
     - the higher the level of education of the person, the more developed and complex will be his structures.
     - the resources are displayed for each user in such a way as to determine the "reverse deposit" and implicitly the financing of their structures.
     - the sums received from them for meditations, gifts, payment obligations in case of exams, etc. are withdrawn from the value of the funds of the school structures intended for teachers. declared by users as "unaccounted for".


     Background of business structures.


     - Represents the value that a certain work structure accumulates from the direct contribution between it and its human components.
     - therefore a company structure is composed not only of all companies but also of its branches and departments. The confirmation of a department or a subsidiary does not transfer the right to the accounts that are part of the respective structure but gives it a status of "Group Loyalty" which has the right to use a single credit for access to the "Structural Fund" of the payer.
     - confirmation can be made to a department or branch and in lus to certain persons within it (account-id), in this case the access to the Structural Funds of the payer has unconditionally the account-id that has been confirmed after a single member of the structure (among those components), or alternatively the Fund - structure is divided into divisions with values ​​equal to each component.
     - in case of reporting in Loghout of the respective group, the recovery of the credits will be carried out by the whole structure


     Background of work structures.


     - represents the value that a certain structure of work accumulates from the direct contribution among its members.
     - the labor structures fund has as a credit resource all the structures of which its members are part.
     - the resources are displayed for each user in such a way as to determine the "reverse deposit" and implicitly the financing of their structures.
     - the certification of a member of the structures must be made regardless of whether he is included in Loghin or Loghout.
     - each user will be informed only by the number of credits accumulated but not by the decision of the users to enter it in Loghin or Loghout.


     Loyalty fund.


     - a company or a product brand can offer as payment of its account-id in the account of its fans or supporters the effect being identical to that of a deposit made by the user who benefits from the respective contact.
     - therefore the company offers the possibility to credit on its own funds, its own personnel structures that adhere to its commercial plans, the fans or those who are interested in the purchase of its own products.
     - through these means the respective companies can pay instead of the active accounts the values ​​necessary to activate these groups and their funds.
     - the loyalty fund cannot be withdrawn by the beneficiary except in the case of a "donation".
     - also through the Loyalty Fund companies can transfer the amounts from their accumulation from the storage of the commercial addition in order to complete (instead of the Loghin system) the values ​​of the Structural Funds of active users (having instead the possibility to benefit from the publication of this action at the beneficiary users). "Loan" 0% "was offered to you by the company -------------"!


     Insurance fund and guarantees.



     - each person confirmed in a certain structure and for whom a "credit" (of the value of a nominal share) is deposited automatically benefits from the opening of an insurance and guarantee policy (with the moral guarantee of the depositors but not the material one ).
     - the guarantee offered by the system is manifested with social and economic actions necessary to rectify and eliminate the causes that generate problems as well as the compensations in case of material damages impossible to bear by the user Loghin.
     - before taking action, the system must have complete data which will be submitted for analysis to the competent department.
     - the system acts immediately after the signals in order to protect the user's access.
     - the Loghin insurance fund works with amounts extracted from various system activities.
     - the guarantee fund offers coverage by the system for various actions promoted or managed by Loghin.


     Involvement in case of problems with the customer / bank.


     - to avoid problems and protect communities and members of Loghin, a report will be considered for all banking groups in order to buy non-performing loans that some users are no longer able to honor, there is a risk of negative effects for both people (reporting to the CAI as well as for banks losing / selling these loans to recovery centers).


     Personal founds

     - represents the values ​​that a person holds within the Loghin system, deposited or withdrawn in the form of loans or financing / site credits and insurance and guarantees.
     - the personal fund is a nominal fund based on the ID of the account subject to Loghin's rules and management methods.
     - the personal fund also represents a guarantee fund for Loghin / Loghout conflicts, from which the system feeds the “Compensation Fund”, and communicates to the user the actions taken in order to close personal conflicts opened by third parties against him.

     Liquidation or closure of a personal fund.


     - accounts created in Loghin cannot be deleted because they are part of a network used by a number equal to that of relatives, acquaintances and relationships that a person has had or has had during his life as well as the activities and works carried out the respective person.
     - no action can be taken to remove personal data from a real person.
     - the Loghin system offers relations and relations between its members, the contribution of each remains in the memory of the system regardless of its value over time and can only be claimed for the benefit of the successor or the structure of which it was part.
     - the user's funds remain in the system at the disposal of the projects or needs of the members who are entitled to the benefits of the relations in Loghin or in the private life of the respective user. The funds also provide a guarantee for the Loghout-related compensation system.


     Activation of financing for people from your own network.


     - is done by the profile validation action within the different existing structures in the user's account.
     - the validation action can be transferred from one member to another (the user who has at his disposal the validation package purchased).
     - the same action applies to the categories of Companies and Institutions as well as to the relationship between people and these organizations.
     - validation actions are used to apply for / grant interest-free financial loans or to open an advisory line to obtain capital.
     - the value of credits paid by a user is a unit regardless of whether it is intended for a user, company or institution.
     - is quantified in loans for both parties (the lender and the beneficiary of the trust loan) and can be simple or multiplied.
     - if a user "finances" the possibility to lend to another person, he will have at his disposal to calculate the import credit an amount of his own which can be multiplied by a coefficient determined by Loghin for these shares and which can be equal to a Fractional Credit equivalent only if the user also receives a Financing from the (strictly active) members, this credit is multiplied by the value of the credits of the person who financed it.
     - the amounts obtainable through a loan are equivalent to your Fractional Credit (“n” or your credit paid to the system), to which are added the amounts existing in the structures of those who finance it directly.
     - at the same time as the presentation of a Financing Credit, the user grants the financed the guarantee to provide the value it has in its structure.
     - these credits are all personal and direct.


     Category of funding for talent, study or research projects.

     - these categories benefit from different financing and also take into account the rules relating to "Loghin Financing Contracts" intended for these types of activities and for which Loghin may have recourse to different external lines of credit.


     Financing and payment of Third Party profiles.



     - by entering the profiles of other people (Third Parties) in Loghin, the user (active) can opt for the possibility of using the funds created by the third party profiles in the form of a Loghin guarantee credit. (Loghin may provide the deposit fund or those obtained without the commercial additions resulting from the sale of products and / or services).
     - each person must be able to deposit or confirm the amount of the registration of third party profiles (regardless of whether or not they have activated their profile).
     - the function that determines the amounts collected from these operations depends on the number of Loghin users (natural or legal persons) present in each profile.
     - regardless of whether the profiles are "In" or "Out", the third party profile fee must be paid for each of them.
     - in the case of profiles from Loghout, the tax is useful in order to recover sums due as a result of illegal or illicit activities of members and descendants of criminals introduced into Loghout.
     - members will be informed of the data collected regarding the genealogical or company network of the subjects subjected to the recovery procedure.
     - the registration fund for third party profiles can also be used to access a loan with an unlimited duration equal to an amount equal to 80% of that deposited by the user. In addition, the user can use the funds of third-party profiles as a loan (if they do not withdraw from the fund as in the case below)

Fund value = number of people x (number of people - 1)

(value expressed in units.)

     - in case of deposit with the Treasury of the amount intended to activate the profile of "Third Parties" by entering the contact e-mail to the profile of third parties receives a notice of activation of the Finance / Credit area in which the user has automatically of a credit area fed by the amounts that the main user has in the Credit and Guarantee Fund. At the same time, by activating your account (third party), you can check your Structural Fund and determine its values.


     Using personal settings.


     - in the case of your profiles from the TABI areas, you can report requests / offers, solutions, needs for the various profiles registered in your area of ​​THIRD profiles (if a person needs a certain type of product or service) or for a company that seeks or uses / offers a product or service.
     - these signals are used by the system to create offers or proposals as well as to solve some problems of users (including passive ones).


     Development fund.


     - Loghin works for the creation of a financial institution intended to contract funds to carry out joint projects.
     - the creation of financing agreements concluded for participating members with the assumption of amounts directly from the Development Fund (and allocation of these amounts to members) for the implementation of the Fund's projects). The fund aims to contract these amounts with a minimum interest (using 50% as a loan and 50% as 0% interest for projects).
     - the fund searches and identifies suppliers (financiers) from individuals, companies, customers and access providers or from other social systems.
     - in order to be able to adhere to a loan with "0%" interest, the user must provide an initial support calculated as value / time.


     Financial groups

     Fund for school groups


     - is based on the school structures of which the people who adhere to the Loghin system were (or are) part.
     - the fund is made up of people who belong (or have belonged) to a class of students and school staff (group of teachers).
     - school groups are basic groups in the Loghin system.


     Background of genealogical groups


     - is based on the genealogical structures of the trees created by each Loghin user.
     - genealogical groups are essential in the development and creation of other social groups in Loghin.


     Large group of well-known personalities (politicians, artists, etc.)

     - is done by adding to the group a personality on whose behalf the accreditation and validation is done.
     - the extended group is automatically formed as a subgroup with the same ID to which the personality ID is added. By validating Loghin / Loghout the members of the system decree the degree of ……………. which personality occupies in Loghin. The fund of this group belongs exclusively to personalities as it is the only one that benefits from the credit of the users of the group. The fund can be integrated with Loghin resources only after the completion of the parent fund (the group to which the personality has been added) and the group is generated.
     - the group's funds are presented as available or unavailable on the basis of the amounts purchased as available funds for the loan. This group fund is the equivalent of n (n-1) and has more values ​​than it.
     - the group fund n (n-1) (n-1) is supplemented by the value of the trade supplement received as a result of purchases made by users and the amounts derived from the traders' contribution to these groups (directly to a member of the group) respectively% agreed as a discount to the person who made the purchase.
     - each member of the group has the possibility to benefit from the amounts from the total of n (n-1) paid and present in the group fund, depending on the number of users who have contributed to the group and authorized (Loghin) his profile.
     - the maximum amounts that can be withdrawn from a group are equivalent to an (n-1) where n represents the members and the cash value credited to a member for the respective group. In general, the cash value is 1 euro. These amounts are divided into packages (K) that are presented in the structures as numbers for how many users can take these values ​​at the same time., Graphically they are represented as boxes with the value transmitted on them (for example in a group of 25 students on the floor will have a value of n (n-1) = 600 euros).


     Cash withdrawal planning.

     - depending on the number of packages within the group, the time that each user has available to repay the loan is also determined. For a single completed package (base package with deposit n (n-1) the user can withhold the amount for the period TIME / n-1. Depending on the completed packages K, the number of requests can be Kn / n- 1 on (n -1) / k (n-1) = n / K.


     Withdrawal of your group fund


     - each user has their own fund within the group, its value is n (n-1) - (n-K) (n-1).
     - this fund can be withdrawn at any time and for any period of time from the time that all n (n-1) n or n (n-1) (n-1) user packages have been completed.
     - the use of your own fund is made to support short-term investments.


     Use all K packages for the defined time period.


- the use of all K packages in a group (by one person) can only be done with the consent of each member (decides on its share of contributions).
- the authorization to use the amounts of the fund without interest is provided by the consent expressed by the other members.
- the reimbursement of sums may be distributed in tranches with fixed data taking into account the possibilities of withdrawal also by other members.
- if the packages (K) are not fully available they can be borrowed from other funds.
- amounts greater than the value of the packages of the groups to which the user belongs n1 (n1-1) (n1-1) + ……… ... + n9 (n9-1) n9-1) cannot be withdrawn (where 9 is the number of group funds to which the user contributes.

Group funds and supply groups


- the group's funds are funded by the redistributed commercial addition used as a system within the "acquisition groups".
- purchasing groups are groups formed in Loghin (even by people you do not know) in order to wholesale products and / or services.
- the definition of supply groups is made in the chapter "Supply group".

Loghin supply groups

- the purchase and distribution of products whose commercial addition is redistributed in Loghin can be carried out through a transit trader.
- the value assigned to the transit trader is 2-4% of the value of the goods sold by him.
- the trader applies a commercial tax of 2-4% without carrying out activities of sale of goods or distribution.
- purchasing groups pay for the products directly in Loghin.
- the goods are distributed at a collection point at the user's home.
- the supply groups manage single product contracts and are grouped into a single Loghin / Supplier supply contract.

Supply group with local seller or distributor

- the purchase groups in which the sale and distribution of the product takes place through third parties have the commercial addition divided between Loghin, Seller and User.
- in this case Loghin can be the contractor of the goods that are distributed for sale and / or delivery to a local seller. This local seller collects the value of the goods, pays the customer directly and pays Loghin the relative percentages. The user's payment is made using the Loghin card, which has automatically set the transferable letter of credit.
- the seller works with a warehouse in Loghin as part of the supply group. Its commercial addition is deposited in Loghin within the funds of the group to which it belongs.

The ratio between group fund and trading margin

- a part of the group fund is paid by the group members and is the equivalent of n (n-1) covering the value of a K package in the group.
- the remaining n-1 packages are supplemented by the amounts related to the commercial addition distributed in Loghin by members who purchase products or services within the system.
- in order to establish the% that belongs to the groups, it is recommended to study the information related to the commercial integrations in the Loghin transactions.
- after completing the group fund by users with the equivalent of n (n-1) and validating the basic package, the funds are integrated without the source of the commercial addition per product made by Loghin for the sale of products, and services.

Loans between group funds


- each group fund may be used by its members or borrowed from them by other groups that require funds in excess of the value deposited within the fund (but within its maximum limits).
- each person (user) who borrows a certain amount from the fund must return it (without interest) within the time available to him according to the rules prescribed by the Loghin Regulation.
- the repayment deadline can only be exceeded with the help of other groups for which the user will have to bear an intragroup interest set at the level of the reference interest rates (minimum) with which the national bank in the state in which resides operating on the domestic capital market, the interest represents the value with which the banks borrow from the National Bank.
- intragroup loans increase the value of the amounts accumulated by borrowers by applying internal interest.

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