Group registration in Loghin,

     The Loghin system is based on organizing in groups and promoting the identities of people, businesses, institutions, products and services.
     The organization of groups in Loghin takes into account mainly the existing structures in society and those created through new knowledge added to a group. Within the society, groups of pupils and students are formed, those from the structures and organizational charts of companies, institutions and other organizations.


     Within a group (real existing in the civil society) belong both members declared "Loghin" and those declared "Loghout" as members of an existing structure. Each member of the group validates (places in Loghin) or invalidates (places in Loghout) the other members according to the report and their own opinion regarding the members of the group.


     In case of validations (Loghin) the group member benefits from the advantages derived from the participation in this structure, especially regarding the “Finance” part. In case of invalidation of a member (his positioning in Loghout by one or more persons) he no longer benefits from the financial advantages offered by the title of “Loghin member” only for the persons who gave him a negative vote.


     Groups can be made up of both individuals and legal entities (a legal representative must act on their behalf in the group). Groups can also consist of lists of customers and / or suppliers.


     In each group, the validation or invalidation of a person (natural or legal) is done with the payment of an even contribution of a local currency unit (or decided by the Loghin system). By paying this contribution is formed the first "fund" of mutual aid Loghin also called "Group Fund" which is the equivalent of n (n-1) (where "n" represents the total number of components).


     Loghin forms within each group a "procurement fund" in which a well-defined part of the commercial surcharge applied to the sale of products or services (within or through Loghin) is given to these groups.


     The acquisition fund does not have an accumulation limit, it depends only on the volume of acquisitions made by the members of the respective group. It is possible to import groups created on other social networks and create networks (groups) that are activated automatically or periodically.


     The category of groups also includes genealogical trees, which are activated (created) by even a single person and can contain active or passive profiles (even deceased). Loghin offers the possibility to benefit from genealogy profiles (even deceased) in the formation of financial structures by creating the "Genealogy Fund" which has priority in the formation and completion of the fund.





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