Livestyle in the Loghin system


     "Livestile" is a multitude of attitudes, interests and opinions that a person manifests and based on which he plans his social life and his interaction with other members of society. These characteristics can be manifested through various forms of expression and in various social environments.
In order to find common points of mutual interest, Loghin planned the livestyle area in several categories of events. The events are presented in Loghin through the media system (video, social network, mail, newsletter)
The events that are part of the list of events that users can do within or through the Loghin system are the following:


     Cultural artistic


     The events include the categories: shows, theater, cinema, opera.
     The registration of cultural and artistic events in the Loghin media system in order to promote them to all Loghin members is done by the associated companies or organizations that are registered in the system and are active members of it. The publication of the information is made by the person in charge of administration of the profile of the respective company or of its proxies.




      All sporting events are promoted in Loghin under the same conditions exposed to cultural and artistic events. Sports events can be amateur or professional, their organizers being directly involved in the management and proper functioning of public order.




     The category of entertainment includes any event for recreational purposes promoted by individuals, companies, associations or organizations. These events are generally held in spaces specially dedicated to these events, in public or private places based on authorizations issued by the competent bodies.


     Culinary (restaurants, catering,)


     Exhibitions (illustrative, didactic, promotional,)


     Tourism (excursions, hiking, spa)

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