Product registration in Loghin,


     The Loghin system allows the registration and cataloging of products based on product codes developed by state authorities or non-governmental organizations.

     The creation of a product is based on a person or a group of people who conceive, design, manufacture and market it. This chain of people is present in the Loghin structures that allow contact and interaction with different members of the group.

     The importance of this structure is to be able to contact and communicate directly with those responsible for design, construction, quality control, sales or administrators for any aspect of the life cycle of the product.

     Each product can be traded in Loghin using the system of funds and distribution of the commercial addition to the groups. Thus, all participants in the development and marketing of the product benefit from the redistribution of commercial margins for the producer / seller in the groups created by them.

     The data and information regarding the product are entered in a unique database to which all Loghin users have access. This database tracks and signals any variation regarding the product throughout its life through a PLM (product livecircle management).

     For the introduction and tracking of the product throughout its life, Loghin can use technologies such as bitcoin, through which each product is assigned a unique identity.

     Within Loghin there is the possibility to analyze and compare various products (identical in form or content) and decide to allocate them in Loghin and / or Logout for one or more features. Thus a product can be found simultaneously in Loghin and Loghout based on the evaluation of Loghin users and their own characteristics.

      Loghin offers each manufacturer an interactive showcase for displaying and presenting its own product. Through this showcase you can know the thinking and opinions of people who visit or who have already purchased the product and want to express their opinion on the qualities / defects or characteristics of the product.

     Loghin uses its own e-commerce storefront to offer products to its users. Acquisition through the Loghin e-commerce showcase implies full acceptance of the conditions of use of the Procurement Funds and redistribution of the commercial surcharge within the seller's and buyer's groups.

     The Loghin system also provides the possibility to reuse a product and capitalize on it as a used or vintage product.

     Within the e-commerce system there is the possibility of creating purchasing groups and negotiating the price directly with the manufacturer.

     The Audit System deals with the analysis of the classification and cataloging of the products that come proposed to the Loghin system in order to present or sell through e-commerce.





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