Registration of “Services” profiles in Loghin,


     In the Loghin system an important role is played by the "services" offered by companies, professionals or freelancers. The Loghin system has a database in which they can enter their own information and services, create their own showcase and participate in tenders in order to assign various works or tasks.

     Within the Loghin system, it can be decided which commercial margin from the value of a work can be attributed to “funds” (see the category of Loghin funds) and which is the value that is invoiced.

     The services offered by companies, professionals or freelancers are grouped according to Ateco codes and INSTAT classification in order to facilitate the search and reunion based on a precise classification.

     The Loghin system provides its users with structures consisting of Ateco codes for all activities on the market. The system also uses INSTAT structures for a clear classification and presentation of professions.

     Through the auction site you can enter and participate in the award of works in a reserved environment and with customers and suppliers controlled by the Loghin Audit system.

     In order for a good functioning of the “funds”, it is recommended by Loghin to choose for their own activities some accountants from the Loghin system (certified) who have the role of mediating and correctly interpreting the legislation and matters in force, regarding the use of the Loghin system. Business side.


    Services offered by the Loghin system.


     The Loghin system offers its users a series of tools and services for personal prosperity, professional growth, promotions and business success.


     Loghin database


     All information and data regarding people, activities, institutions, products and services are entered by Loghin in a database classified on various criteria and managed by the Loghin Audit system. The Audit System decides who and what to enter in the loghin or Loghout database. The Logout database contains information that does not meet the criteria of Loghin or those who do not want to enter the Loghin database. The Loghout database uses the "Oblio" system in which Loghin users are notified that the person, activity, product or service is not available in Loghin due to the decision of the rightful owners and who have expressly requested the introduction in the "obllio" system. This information is provided only to registered Loghin members.


     Audit system


     For data and information on the Audit system the following links are provided:

     The social network


     In order to facilitate communication between members, the Loghin system provides its own users with a social network system for communications and interactions between the people in the system. Within this system, members benefit from the possibility of posting articles and videos (dedicated) with presentation in various areas of the system with public or private viewing (only for those in their own network or group). At the same time, within the social network system, people have the possibility to communicate directly through the chat and mail service.


     Personal showcase


     Within the social network system it is possible to activate a personal showcase both for people and for companies or services. Activating the personal showcase does not involve costs but contains certain particular conditions (see the link: --------------------)


     Auction Site


     It is one of the basic sites of the Loghin system. Through it, the demand with the offer for works and services that are carried out on the basis of clear and precise rules imposed by the system is put in direct contact. The peculiarity of the Loghin auction system is the component of "funds" in the negotiation of the final price.
The introduction of data and information in the auction site is done by activity sectors and by geographical areas in order to optimize the proposed works.



     The e-commerce site sells to its users a sales system based on the existence of funds in the formation of the sale price. The amounts destined for the fund are considered donations within the groups created by the seller and the buyer. All funds represent an interest-free loan source that can be accessed by users who use this system.


     Jobs site


     The presentation of job offers and requests is done through the "Jobs" site. For this purpose, "recruiters" or companies and professionals publish their job offers in specific areas of activities that the candidate is to carry out. Job sites are free for candidates, for recruiters and companies can use a limited number (monthly) of posts after which each post is charged with a quantum determined by the package chosen by them.
The recruiter site connects recruiters with the candidates' profiles with their showcases and CVs.


     Finance system


     The commercial and financial activities of the Loghin system are carried out based on user participation in the "Loghin Funds" system. These funds are divided into several types based on the areas in which they are created and their utility.
The simplest fund in Loghin is the "Group Fund". In this case, each member validates the other members of the group by the contribution of one monetary unit (one euro / person) once independently of how many common groups they belong to. The group fund has an accumulation of n (n-1) in which n represents the number of users in the group. The creation of the fund allows each member to withdraw an amount within the limit of the fund's availability in the form of a zero-interest loan for a period defined by the members of the group. In order to give the possibility for all members to be able to simultaneously extract the (maximum) amounts from the Loghin group, fill in the value of N (n-1) (n-1) with the amounts derived from the commercial addition margin applied to the products purchased by the group members within the system. e-commerce or service.


     Loghin Mail and Certified Mail

     Loghin provides a mail service and a certified mail service such as These e-mail addresses are valid only for premium users (for free) or for normal users through an annual fee. . Possession of the e-mail address guarantees that the user is correct d.p.d.v. of the Loghin system and has full freedom in its actions through the system.




     For commercial activities, showcases but also professionals, the system allows the integration in the showcase page of a newsletter service. For normal users, the newsletter system (in reduced form) is present in personal pages. Through the newsletter system it is possible to send promotional messages to all members or members of a group. For detailed information you can study the page dedicated to information for nevsleter at the link: -------------------




     The strong point of promoting products and services in Loghin is the video service. This service catalogs and classifies the records based on categories and submits the video presented to the public who will vote for its positioning in Loghin or Logout.






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