Support fund (loan and investment)


     -any person active in Loghin can apply to the system for a loan (different from that of structures) for personal needs or investments.
     - the system can grant this credit from its own resources or by appealing to members of the system willing to provide the requested amounts in whole or in part.
     - support funds can be of various types based on requests received from the user.
     - these funds are spread over structures of which the requesting user is a part (or in whose name they are provided), in order to cover possible system losses.
     - support funds can also be used for cases of tragedies or imminent needs.
     - Loghin will create algorithms for the distribution of the support fund share within the different forms of gain present in the system.


     Development Fund.

     - Loghin operates for the creation of a financial institute intended for contracting funds in order to carry out joint projects.
     - Creation of loan contracts made for adherent members with the contracting of the amounts directly by the Development Fund (and the assignment of these amounts to the members) in order to carry out the Fund's projects). The fund aims to contract these amounts with minimum interest (using 50% as a loan and 50% as 0% interest for projects).
     - The fund searches for and identifies suppliers (financiers) from individuals, companies, clients and loghin suppliers or from other social systems.
     - In order to be able to adhere to a "0%" interest loan, the user must provide an initial support calculated as value / time.











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