Social Network Loghin


     It provides its own users with a unique communication tool of its kind, in the form of a social network.
     The social network is divided into four main categories in order to focus the discussions on topics specific to each type of user.
     The categories of which the social network is part are: Adolescents, Adults, Business and Institutions.


     Adolescents Network


     It is an area for meeting and communicating via the web of teenagers.
     The site has several sections depending on the type of activities that the user wants to discuss.
     The online posting section includes the instant area and the one divided by types of activities.
   The instant area represents the general posting area without particular interests in which the user can express his opinions, opinions, spontaneous creativity, etc.
     In the activity area, choose the desired preference in order to post articles, live, events or videos divided by categories of interest.


     Adult Network


     For the Adults network, the same organization and form used for the Adolescents network are observed.
     Unlike the network for Adolescents, the network for adults also includes activities performed by an adult audience, such as the job, selling products and services, etc.
     The network offers the opportunity to meet new people in order to create "Loghin structures" in order to make a profit.
     Depending on the preferences expressed through the social network site, users benefit from advertising credits that are shared with the Loghin system.


     Business network.


     It is used by companies and professionals to promote their own services (in the business area of ​​the Loghin system).
     Companies can use ads with ads in the Adolescents and Adults area only on the basis of an advertising contract.
     Influencers must also have a specific contract with the Loghin system which sets out the conditions for using the platform and the benefits to the parties in the business relationship.
     Influencers may use the Loghin database to perform contracts with companies or professionals who display products and / or services in the Loghin database.
     Companies or professionals can benefit from an official page of activities in which the administrator must be a person from the administration or a legal representative of them.


     Network of Institutions


     It is a network through which institutions communicate information to adolescents, adults and businesses.
     Institutions may use ads and areas for Adolescents, Adults or Business on the basis of an advertising contract.
     Institutions may benefit from an official page where the administrator must be a legal representative of the respective institution or a legal representative.
     Institutions have legal power in Loghin to legitimize groups (classes of pupils and / or students), formed within the structures they hold.






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