Cookies in Loghin



     In order to access the Loghin sites, it is necessary to use cookies and similar technologies such as pixel or "local storage", so we manage to offer you an experience that is as efficient, secure and fast as possible. Loghin saves your preferences and customizes the contents of its applications in order to protect against spam and privacy violations.


     Cookies are small files that websites store on your computer while browsing. Loghin uses cookies to understand how users use its services and how we can improve them. Cookies are also recognized by other partner sites that have installed Loghin applications.


     The pixel is a tiny part of the code generally present on the web page or in the e-mail. Loghin can use this technology to understand if you have interacted with certain emails or web content.


     Local storage is a standard technology that allows an application to store information locally on your computer or mobile device. Loghin does not currently use local storage technology.



     Categories in which the technologies listed above are used:


     Authentication and security


     - allow access to the Loghin website and to those of its partners.
     - with the user bar present in most Loghin sites and its partners, the system controls access and authentication.
     - to protect your safety
     - to allow the visualization of the contents
     - to help us discover and eliminate spam, abuse and other activities that violate Loghin's rules.
     - these technologies allow you to validate your access to Loghin sites and partner sites.




     - the cookie helps to store information about the browser and preferences.
    - the cookie allows the memorization of languages ​​and countries of origin without having to request it at each access.
     - Loghin does not use Google Analitycs or other similar systems to discover how and how much you use its services.
     - come use cookies only to control (anonymously) the number of users who accessed a page or an application.




     - Loghin does not allow viewing of advertisements from outside its own platform.
   - any advertising partner must work directly on the platform provided by Loghin (for any person, activity or institution).


     Accept cookies


     - in order to manage cookies, you can change the settings in the browser so that they accept or reject cookies or your authorization is required every time an attempt is made to register / save a cookie.
     - it is possible that by disabling the use of all cookies you will no longer be able to correctly read the Login sites and those of its partners


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