Copyright is a legal right that protects original works or works. This right is held from the moment the work was conceived.

     The category of copyright includes literary works, audio works, visual or audiovisual works. Loghin allows its users to publish on its sites works and works that may be subject to copyright but can not protect these rights, it remains the responsibility of the publisher. As a copyright owner, you may request other subjects to copy, distribute, or create a new work based on your work. The use of copyright has according to the laws a limited period, becoming public domain which allows it to be used free of charge by anyone. Each country has its own legislation on copyright.

     Another category of rights that are protected is that of registered trademarks. Trademark registration is intended to prevent harm by using it in a way that creates confusion among consumers. Trademarks in registration protect brand names, slogans, logos or symbols that help consumers identify the source of goods or services. Trademarks are protected in Loghin in a special section dedicated to them.

     In order to avoid violations of the intellectual property right, it is recommended that only the contents that you have personally created be posted.

     In order to be able to use the contents of other people, Loghin uses the License system that regulates the posting and republishing of certain contents visible on its sites.









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