General information about accounts in Loghin



     To navigate the system's sites and benefit from the information made available to the public, Loghin uses two distinct types of access.
     You do not need to create an account to use certain areas of the Loghin system. However, if you want to open an account, you must provide us with certain personal data that the loghin system will use in order for the correct functioning of its various areas and services.
     The loghin system provides for the creation of a main "root" account (root) which is unique and comes correlated with unique user recognition data in the country of origin such as tax code, VAT number, etc.
     In addition to the main profile, Loghin allows its users to create secondary profiles used for professional purposes, for hobbies or other legal activities. Secondary profiles can be created with the real name or using a nickname. The user can also create an active profile or a passive profile (generally used to recognize him in various groups).
     Within the Loghin system, you can choose to use each type of profile in public or private.
     A unique feature of the Loghin system is that it allows its users to create profiles for third (real) people alive or dead. Third-party profiles can be claimed by the rightful owner by a simple authentication request sent to the Loghin account management service.


     Information for the public


     Part of the Loghin system is in the public domain, which means that the information entered posted or published in various areas can be viewed by other people.The loghin user has the possibility to choose the public to whom the information is intended and to possibly correct the settings in their own profiles.
     The lists that are created for the various groups can be public or private both in full and for each user, so a user in a group can decide whether their profile is public or private.
     The time zone and language are in the public domain, but also the date on which the profile was created. The lists of people who follow or follow you (followers) are also in the public domain. The advertising messages that appear in their own pages or in the visited pages give the advertising operator the possibility to interact with the information associated with the interested account. So are any comments or "likes" that come used. Each user is responsible for the information they provide to the system and that is why they must be careful about what they decide to be in the public domain.


     Rubric and contact information.


     The Loghin system uses contact information, including e-mail or telephone number for authentication as well as to protect the system against spam, fraud and abuse.
     There is the possibility to upload and synchronize the information from the section on Loghin to help identify the people you know and to connect with it in order to create groups and structures Loghin.

     Messenger in Loghin.


     Inside the various Loghin sites and our partners we install an instant messaging application that is private. Through the application, online or offline messages can be sent and attached files sent.


     Payment information


     In order to manage e-commerce and professional payment services, it is necessary to provide information on payments, including the number of credit cards, debit cards, credit card validity date and CVV verification code and billing address.






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